Guarantee & Maintenance

18 year guarantee

Botanica is dedicated to providing the best possible service and the highest quality product. The design technology of our resin bound paving system gives us the confidence that when installed in accordance with our quality standards, Botanica resin will be a hard wearing durable surface which can withstand traffic loads from light pedestrian to vehicular access roads, easily coping with the stresses of power steering and heavy axle loads.

The guarantee is conditional on a suitable surface course asphalt or other approved substrate having been used, and the advice in the Botanica Aftercare and Maintenance leaflet having been followed.

The Botanica guarantee does not cover:

  • Damage caused by forceful impact.
  • Damage caused by reflective cracking from an underlying concrete base.
  • Damage caused by sinkage, tree roots and deformation or wheel tracking of any underlying structural layers.


Can the surface be cleaned?

Resin based surfaces benefit from extremely low maintenance. By following these instructions you will maximize its life and keep its great looks.

Take care

Common sense dictates that when using chemical cleaners and power washers, the necessary protective equipment is used, and in every case a test should first be conducted in a small non-critical area. The use of chemical cleaners may be subject to local regulations.

Regular Cleaning

Regular sweeping and washing is often the only maintenance necessary. Apart from keeping the surface’s looks and preventing the growth of moss and algae, regular cleaning will quickly highlight any problem areas which can be most easily rectified at an early stage.

Power Washing

Use care when power washing resin based surfacing. Use a low pressure setting with a fan type jet, keeping the nozzle at least 300mm from the surface to be cleaned using an angle which avoids damaging the surface.

Removing Chewing Gum

Proprietary chewing gum removal products should be used when simple scraping and gentle chipping are not effective. Care should be taken to avoid dislodging or scarring the aggregate.

Removing Moss and Algae

Moss and algae can grow under certain conditions; fortunately they are quickly removed with proprietary products. A weak solution of bleach can sometimes prove effective but its use must only be used after a test application in a small non-critical area. Prolonged contact with bleach may damage or stain certain aggregates including limestone and in all cases its use must be followed with a thorough wash with water. Again, follow local regulations if applicable.

Cement Stains

Following all Health & Safety Regulations, hydrochloric acid can remove Cement Stains. However we recommend its use only by professional contractors.

General Recommendations

Some quite common chemicals including petrol, diesel fuel, oil, tar and many others can damage resin based products causing softening or degradation. All spills should be quickly removed and thoroughly flushed with water.

Using Resin Based Surfaces

Our resin based surfacing design is optimised for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic use. We also design resin based systems for heavier commercial use which of course require a more substantial construction. Very heavy loading, exampled by scaffolding, refuse skips, hydraulic legs on cranes etc. must always be spread by the use of wooden boards or metal plates. We have found that dragging heavy loads can also damage resin based surfaces and must be avoided.


Using the same resin and aggregate, damaged resin based surfacing can be repaired often with little or no trace. Please contact as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Botanica resin bound aggregate surfacing is fully guaranteed for 18 years from the date of application against:

  • Loose stone.
  • Cracking.
  • Oil damage.
  • UV degradation.
  • Colour change.
  • Frost damage.